Days can be so normal 

There are always better days, this was one of those could be better days. It’s raining out, there are no classes, nobody to meet up with, it’s just me and Sofia. This isn’t a problem, I love the time with her, even when she is on a clingy, bored and generally in a nutty mood. 

So today started with a list of stuff to get done. 

  • Set up direct debit
  • Pickup sand for Sofia’s playpit
  • Pickup some groceries (just a few things)
  • Fix Sofia’s birthday car (wheel split)
  • Clean up house

It’s a pretty dull day. So it starts out ok with a successful direct debit setup, Sofia’s breakfast done. She has learnt to watch tv sat on a chair, who needs a high chair (as long as she is concentrating on Postman Pat)!  After a prolonged attempt to get her to nap resulting in a shorter sleep we head out to pickup the sand and groceries.

So it slowly goes wrong here, we have just over an hour till lunch is expected.  We park at Waitrose and head off for a quick look around town and also to try and get some fruit from the market. Do a bit of local shopping. That fails as blueberries are not available and weirdly there are too many bananas. Sofia is getting a bit annoyed already. Now she can walk, wheels are for wimps.

 I then get a call from marketing people at Crest who we’ve agreed to do some marketing with. I’d forgotten about this call.  Sofia is distracted by the birds and pigeons nearby. By the end of this and one coffee later we have 20 minutes before lunch, i try to pickup the sand before but it’s too heavy, down to 15 minutes and have to collect enroute home.

We get back to Waitrose and scoot round picking up the groceries, this amounts to less than a tenner. Seriously today is just a any day.  The cashier won’t stamp my parking ticket as I haven’t spent enough. I am not worried, they never check anyway. Sofia is annoyed, she throws her dummy on the floor in disgust. We spend a fortune weekly on diapers and milk you’d think the cashier would let us have this one. 

Get in the car, realise for this first time ever the bloke is checking the parking ticket. Decamp back in to Waitrose. What to buy for a tenner. Beer! Buy beer, get to checkout with a now very angry Sofia. Grumpy daughter and only beer, equals disappointing look from second cashier. Get ticket stamped. Result. Leave. Get home. Sofia starting to fall asleep. This isn’t allowed till lunch eaten. Leave her at the door pretending to sup the beers while bringing in rest of shopping and Sofia’s day baggage. Missed photo opportunity. Only have a Diet Coke one.

Lunch Is sandwiches. Eaten. She no longer wants to sleep and so we play for a bit. Starts to rain. This is the worst point. Trapped inside with a child that won’t sit still. We climb 2 floors twice, circle a few rooms like a cat discovering a new room for the first time. Eventually she falls asleep for  pretty much no time at all. Get nothing done. 30 minutes snooze equals confused daughter who spends the next hour clinging to my leg. 

By the time she decides she is happy to get on and play on her own for a bit it is time to make tea. I am keeping it easy with a ready made M&S meal. This doesn’t work and she raspberries it across the room. Cue food panic. Start a jacket potato in the oven. Idiot. That will take an hour. Make some pasta and homemade sauce. Result. Stuffs her face. 

There is now less than an hour till Em is home.  This is also the witching hour when ideally we’d go for a quick play in the park or outside but it’s raining. However she is suddenly happy and playful. Em is late, train issues. So start bath. Have mad baby trying to swim up and down the bath, she already stands and tries to reach and pull things off a shelf, she needs constant watching. She even tries to hide down one end of the bath so I can get her out, this doesn’t bode well for bottle. She also has learnt the glass shower door swings. There was a wicked smile with that discovery. 

We’ve been trying to say no to bad things, putting fingers in plugsockets, pull plugs out of sockets, stick my credit card in random gaps (I see my PlayStation at immediate risk). However this hasn’t worked to date, she just has a knowing smile. A smile that says you haven’t seen anything yet. This is the girl who started opening doors from her walker at 5 months. She already uses other objects to climb higher. She is probably right. I just hope she never finds the Sharpie pens. Sharpie on white isn’t yet in trend. 

Em returns! Hurrah! I am released from the  bottle duty. It’s been a long day. I have learnt a lot over the last few hours. 

  •  Rainy days suck, plan something out at one of the many soft play and coffee venues.
  • Have food backup
  • I didn’t fix the toy car, it will take a proper mechanic to do that based on first attempts 
  • I am unlikely to learn a programming language during my time off, something I said before this started
  • We need Internet, Em has us watching Love Island and One born every minute, I need to plan to meet up with people! 
  • The beer I bought was worthwhile
  • Days can be very mundane even in summer, this was one of them and you need some plans
  • Today’s account didn’t include some delelted scenes, 5 nappy changes, 3 hours of CBeebies (blog post coming), BT Internet phone update (17th July wtf), 2 coffees, 1 tea and 1 Diet Coke, 1 hour of trying to get her to sleep, Love Island Update (it’s just a bit shit and was used to write this blog)
  • Conversations with other people, Waitrose, Crest Nicholson PR, BT, Wilkos to arrange sand to be brought to loading bay. Em! Thank god for normal chat, love her! 

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