We have a walker

She has been threatening it for just over a month now. As soon as she could crawl, she was climbing, as soon as she could climb she was starting to walk around using objects to hold on to. Now she has taken her first steps and is rapidly heading to being able to fully walk. 

She has always been active, anyone that reads this blog has probably gathered that. She also likes exploring, from the moment she could crawl she was moving from room to room exploring. She probably takes this from me, I don’t like sitting still and through running like to explore the local environment. I’ve said all along I can’t wait till she can come out running, with her rapid development I want her to be one of the youngest to complete a parkrun.
So to get her crawling we encouraged her to grab for items just out of reach. I don’t think we had any conscious plan. We tried to help her on to all fours and then she went from there. This all started back in February, when she was 7 months and she has powered on since then. By the time we went to America in March she was crawling. 

This then led to exploration in March, in America we tempered this with a Jumperoo but that didn’t stop her crawling off at the beach or around the house. It was always fun not to stop her but to see where she was off to. At the beach this was chasing seagulls (she loves all things bird like).  Her final achievement on holiday was standing holding on to the bath edge.

At home away from America this introduced steps in to the challenge. We were pretty amazed as she immediately started to try and get upstairs. Initially practising on a single step this rapidly progressed to a full flight of stairs. For us this meant the introduction of one of the most annoying inventions ever, the stair gate. How can anyone navigate steps while carrying a baby, empty mugs and open a gate.

This is pretty much where things halted for a month or so. The last month has been one of experimentation, she has been standing and navigating between objects on her feet. Each step and experiment has helped her gain confidence. We bought her a Lion walker to help her walk while holding something. We then bought a new house with a hallway long enough to allow her a good walk. Everything has been her, she has resisted any attempts of help so far. 

What she has learnt though has been amazing, she learnt to slide backwards off the bed, allowing her to walk around the bed of a morning. She has been picking things up off the floor, heavy items and balancing them while standing or squatting on the spot and many other subtle movements. It has been like a circuit training session at the gym. 

Over the last few weeks this has accelarated to the point where she has been ready to take some solo steps. I’d like to say this is the influence of Em or me as part of Shared Parental Leave but she has done this all herself. Since she has taken a step she has rapidly started to do more steps. Clarks shoes say you need to walk 12 steps before considering her first shoes but she is there now which yesterday led to a John Lewis visit and shoe measurement (size 3.5 (4 in Clarks) with a G gauge). It was funny watching her trying to walk in the shop. Shoes apparently set them back a few days as they learn to walk with more chunky feet. 

We only moved house just under 2 months ago, it is scary writing this to see her going from crawl to walk during that time. There is no holding her back really. She is already trying to navigate steps/stairs on her feet. Next up is a parkrun 😉 


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