Dad the builder

While Sofia is learning new skills daily so is dad.  This time in DIY for children. It started with building the furniture for her room and has now moved on to a variety of plastic toys from China. It’s kind of good that I am off work at the moment as you are not coming home at night only to read the latest instalment of bad instructions on the latest toy. 

It’s Sofia’s birthday next month but already the grandparents presents are arriving at the door. The latest two have been put up over the last day while baking in a summer heatwave. At least it keeps us entertained through our second month of no internet, thanks BT.  

The first was a new car for Sofia, building this was like taking your first steps in to being a car mechanic. It even came with little tools to fix the axle to the wheel (I am hoping that’s correct, I know nothing about cars except I like fast ones). This was enjoyably built while consuming a bottle of wine after Sofia had gone to sleep. It actually started with Em building it but rapidly ended up me finishing the other 9/10ths. The car was hidden overnight in the toilet and then was a surprise the next morning. Seems to have gone down well but already tweeting Little Tikes about the need for a replacement wheel thanks to a few spins round the road outside. 

Today was spent building a sandpit. The garden echoing to the sound of the electric screwdriver. This was me getting my own back on the builders and their flat building the other side of the road. I am sure it distracted them during their watching of the latest Furchester Hotel. 

This building was punctuated with Sofia offering to help via trying to steal a screw or practice her standing against the partly constructed frame. It’s useful at this age as they are oblivious to what you are doing unless it is bright and colourful.  This also gives us time even when built to keep it in full sight while we buy sand and some spades and buckets. 

The key thing is it came with a cover to protect from the local cat wildlife. There is nothing more appealing in next doors garden than the sight of the worlds biggest kitty litter! I am pretty sure that we’d be in danger of the two day rule here (read the last two posts). 

So I must admit toy building is better than building shelving or beds so this is a step up on the building jobs. I am kind of intrigued to see what comes next. Sofia is already building up a plastic car collection with a Pink indoor walker car, a walking Lion and now a red car. There is likely more to come with scooters, bikes and a variety of other modes of transport. We are building a small Arab baby style car collection. 

It’s a role I am growing in to though, dad the builder. 


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