One week in…

So I am one week in to Shared Parental Leave and work is but a distant memory, Brexit, the elections has been replaced by Dougie hugs, Hartbeeps and housework. I feel more relaxed, enjoy just playing as it isn’t a 5 minute burst when stressed from working, stressed from it being such a short time and stressed about not having any of my own time.

The last week has been great, it has relaxed me, no end.  I feel more awake and any work worry or pressure is slipping away. It’s quite nice to drop whatever you are doing and spend some time with her.  Even my Fitbit is saying I am doing a good job with my standing heart rate down to 50 from 55 and steps and exercise up on what it was before.

A lot of it feels like very basic stuff, helping her to put blocks in the right holes, holding her hand while she tries to walk around the room, just general conversation and imitations. However you feel like she is noticeably building a relationship with you.  Well I think it’s that or she is trying to tell me something else. Shut up daddy as she puts her dummy in my mouth (she has started doing this which makes her laugh), I don’t like this food as she shoves the sandwich she has eaten in mine, smiling happily.  Hugs and wanting to be picked up are a thing. She has also learnt to pull the credit card out of my wallet. A sure sign of things to come.  I loved Hartbeeps which was pretty chilled and she loves it, as she does the tv (probably a bad element but we get her out lot’s to visit the park and local wildlife).

With all the Sofia time has also come more time for me. Running has always been part of what I do. However since Sofia times are noticeably slower, I feel far too tired to run anywhere or even enjoy it, something a number of people have commented on. Times have dropped off, a 20 minute 5km is now 22 minutes. However first week out running clocked my fastest times in nearly a year. Hoping the extra time will help me get back to past times or at least close.

I am still living day to day though. I said numerous times before I left work I’d learn to do a whole range of things from cooking, learning to play guitar, do some yoga and to programme software. None of that has started and haven’t really found the time or motivation yet. The most time I have is after she has gone to bed. I am rarely tired at this point now. So over the next week this needs to become a focus.  We don’t have internet yet and the tv is pretty rubbish so really shouldn’t just plonk down in front of Eastenders.

There are challenges, you have to be super well planned on the food front, getting 3 meals a day ready is actually the biggest one. Em has been making all of Sofia’s food from fresh so I am under pressure to compete. There are also all the other chores besides cooking, such as buying food, cleaning, bills, etc.. it’s all straight forwards but takes time and is all relatively new. I did elements of all of it before but being at home means you have time to do all these things but you need to have them part of your routine, which is new. It’s like starting a new job in many ways.

It’s been a different first week also, as have had my parents up for 4 days. So this week might be the first full week. It’s been great having my parents up as they usually only see Sofia on FaceTime. So them getting to spend time has also been great and also allowed for a sneaky trip to the local beer festival. So that was the week that was!


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