The Work Starts Here

So the job that pays me is being substituted for a job that doesn’t but hopefully will be far more rewarding.  Em has been reminding in her subtle way each job she does around the house that is being handed over to me this weekend.  This is the start of looking after the household and spending alot more time with Sofia.  I am doing 2 months Shared Parental Leave which is from now through to August and Sofia’s first birthday.

Work is already feeling like a distant memory, the last week has almost felt like leaving the company, final drinks, handing over work.  It’s all been really strange but also has felt like a huge weight lifting from my shoulders.  It will be great to go back in a few months and see what has changed.  This was a source of amusement before leaving and I’ve written a prediction of what will have changed by the time I return (I can joke and just leave a blank note but i do think things will move on).  There is alot of change at work at the moment, so will be interesting to see how much moves on over the summer months.  I have my own views but it’s not for this.  For now it is a opportunity to reset what i’ve been doing for the last 7 years.  My longest break in 20 years of work has been a 4 week trip to China nearly 10 years ago!


So what is the plan now?  Well there are a few things already lined up.  On Monday thanks to Em getting her weeks wrong is a combination of soft play and La La Land at the cinema.  There are probably other films i’d choose but hey lets go with the flow here.  Also lined up is another season of Hart Beeps and also swimming lessons.  Sofia is now 10 months old, she is almost walking, she is starting to babble.  So I have a quest to get her walking and talking over the next two months.  Given it is now June, I’ve also ordered a large garden parasol and hopefully we will get a sandpit and toys for the garden.  Em is a bit mortified at the moment of Sofia’s white belly and tanned arms.  She just has her dad’s skin tone though so all is good but the parasol is there to protect her.  There are also lot’s of places and people to visit, our friends have just had a new baby, Oscar and there is the temptation to go to Poole and my parents for a few days.   I am keen we spend as much time outside as possible.  I also want to get a bike seat for her.


I also need to take over the cooking, cleaning and general household chores.  This is a mindset change.  At the moment i am used to everything being there and ready, pitching in occasionally but Em being at home has meant she has taken on much of this work.  I need to get back in to the habit and also with another mouth to feed.  Luckily she is pretty easy and eats most food but the secret side of the daily schedule is all the food prep that Em sneaks in to the day which i need to get the hang of.  This is actually the bit I am more nervous about getting right.  Em is going to take over the man chores in terms of lawn mowing and DIY around the house.  There is a bookcase to put up this weekend and a European cup final to watch.





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