In training

So my final Sunday lesson was mainly about poop. Me and Sofia go to town with Em who is off to the pub with a friend and to get her nails done. A lady of leisure now before work on Monday. Her advice like much of her thinking was about poop. “Don’t use the changing tables now as she just rolls off”, “don’t let her eat dog poop more than 2 days old or you need to go to Hospital” what? This came from the potential need to change her on the park floor at somepoint. Also cafes that have children’s play areas have dirty toilets just based on the number of kids that go through there. She hasn’t told me this up until now as I do like a clean toilet. It’s all about the poop, we get some practice enroute just to rub it in.

Monday starts with dire weather forecasts. I don’t have much time and have a list of food to buy and chores to do while out. All goes well, packed for both sun and rain, didn’t underdress Sofia. A mum walks by looking slightly embarrassed by her child in shorts. It’s cold today, this is not how I thought the summer would start. I even had a delivery of a sun parasol for the back garden. After shopping  I intend to tire her out in the parks and as we near the swings I expect an excited chirp but no, worried I check her but she is fast asleep. 

Sleep and food timings are critical to the day.  These are the things I fear most along with injuring Sofia and ending up in A&E. shortly after a well timed lunch she decides to launch herself off a Nike box head first in to a box of toys, emerging she looks like she has cut herself above the eye! Oh god I’ve failed. Luckily I’d not cleaned her face properly after lunch of tomato and cheese courgette  pizza (made by Em).


As the day wears on she has a nap, our friend down the road calls round to pick up some parcels. I comment she is in bed, really? She replies, I thought by this time she’d be awake so came round. Argh! Better go wake her up. I give her another 15 mins.


The rest of the day is uneventful. It’s raining and we just play.  I’ve watched solid children’s tv, much more happy than the news and the terrible events in London. I’ve avoided work almost, one post on Google+ but I’ve deleted all the other apps otherwise the temptation would be too great. The day is pretty low on the interaction score with mostly conversations about electrical or banking set up. 

Em gets home and Sofia is excited to see her. It’s handover time, I finish making dinner and crack open a beer to celebrate day one. 64 days to go. No major issues but need to crack this food menu lark. 


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