The baby & The Internet

Moving house always comes with problems, mostly first world problems.  In this case we are on a new development and we don’t have access to the internet outside of a limited mobile connection.  This isn’t even a first world problem anymore with the internet rapidly becoming a basic human right.  Now in this case not having internet due to BT is a very different reality to someone who is denied access by their state government but for us, Sofia not being able to watch Youtube and Elmo is definitely an issue.

So the issue at the moment is that Crest Nicholson and BT are not sure when they can install the fibre that will allow us glorious high speed broadband. This has been the case for 2 weeks and the end is not in sight. So much so they have given us a dongle and limited data so we don’t all go mad. It’s only through this you realise how much you rely on it these days. 

For Sofia the internet is where she gets Elmo, for us it is where we chill with a Sky or Amazon box set after she goes to bed. Lack of Internet has changed our bedtime routine which used to feature dinner followed by a hour of play with Sesame street videos and some dance videos. This slowly tired her out before bath and bed. We could then watch Billions or some other drama after she’d gone to bed. Now that play is limited to crawling around and playing with toys. 

Everything is on the clock which is a pain but  we’ve actually started playing some stuff via the iPad.  You do watch it wondering how much data am I using. In fairness it’s not bad for YouTube videos. Buffering however is a problem. It’s a bit like going back to the nineties with dial up and a 512k connection. Sofia of course doesn’t understand Elmo feezing or the music stopping. That early evening witching hour brings added tension and a sudden pause in Elmo can bring tears. All of which leaves us in a frayed state come dusk and NO Billions. Argh, in great Furchester style, it is a catastrophe. 

We’ve spoken to BT and apparently our new connection is so new that only one team can fit it. They apparently have no way of planning their day, week or month so can give no timescales, how is this possible? Nobody buys anything that might turn up at somepoint in the next year. I can’t believe they don’t know. It’s a bit of a joke really. Another department in BT sympathises but can’t help. Our neighbours have heard it is worse and two utilities companies need to work together to resolve the situation. That can only happen when hell freezes over. 

There is a cost here, Amazon, NowTV, PlayStation subscription, Apple storage, Spotify are all subscriptions that I am missing out on. It’s amazing the reliance we have on these kind of subscriptions. When we moved boxes of CDs and DVDs are no longer things needed in the house and it was tempting to get rid of them all. They are pretty worthless and so you end up keeping it all stacked in the garage. It will be interesting to see how much real possessions Sofia will own as she grows up. At the moment her toys are all real but as she grows up in a virtual and service based world I wonder where this might lead. 

So for now it’s back to the nineties and life with only digital tv. We might be breaking out the DVDs soon. We can only hope that we have Broadband in time for Game of Thrones returning and the next series of Furchester hotel. 



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