Skills at 9 months

9 months, well it’s really been 18 of Sofia being in our lives, if you count the pregnancy. A lifetime but no time. This month has seen her develop a number of new behaviours which keep us amused. The bear growl is the main addition, this is the start of her rebelling against her parents as we turn her away from yet another attempt on the fruit bowl or fingers in plug socket. She used to blow raspberries at us and suck it up but now anything she doesn’t like is unleashed through a ever louder growl. She has obviously read up on the honour of kamikaze and any form of challenge or likely death is something she heads for with glee.

Wonder Weeks like everything calmly describes this as a new development phase (another one) where your baby (always described as a boy) learns to categorise things and then to be able to say whether she likes them or not. The book also describes the adult as mum (always much to my annoyance). There is a whole blog post on Wonder Weeks, so let’s keep this on Sofia.

She is standing more and more, testing her balance and strength. I find this really interesting and wonder how much she knows she is doing and how much is instinct. She holds the sofa with two hands and then will either let one go and turn to the side and almost start some ballet like stretches. She also likes to grab an object from the sofa with both hands and throw them back and see if she can balance or whether she will end up on her bottom. The other trick is to navigate the edge of the sofa while standing and holding on. Final one is stretching with an item in hand. This item is becoming ever bigger.

She has learnt to play hide and seek, she crawls off behind the sofa and laughs when you find her, she probably learnt this via our mutual love of Elmo and Katy Perry playing the same. Other play involves the park and a go on the swings, she is pretty adept at hanging on and laughs as you try to catch her mid swing. This is all finished with a desire to climb both flights of stairs to try and escape bath time. The sudden dislike of baths.

Her eating is immense, put anything on her table and she will stuff it in her mouth. She has definitely mastered eating and her front two bottom teeth and rapidly emerging top ones are helping her to naw away at most of what we feed her. She would quite happily devour a small blueberry farm if given the chance. Once finished any food left is immediate swept away with a few arm swipes across the table usually proceeded by a shower of water from her beaker.

No real words yet, she did seem to be saying “mama” when unhappy and “da” for everything else but this has stopped recently replaced by the growl, clinginess and crying. She is also spending more time in our bed. This doesn’t really bother me and it’s quite nice having her in there despite her playing “3 in the bed” at times. We’ve just bought a king size for the new house to compensate.

Through all of this Elmo remains a firm TV favourite.

Can’t really wish for any more from this little one. Really love seeing her develop and looking forwards to the coming months and where she gets to. Both myself and Em can’t believe it was only a few months ago she struggled to remain sitting and upright.



  1. Rob, I’ve just come across your blog. It’s brilliant! I’m a Dad of an 11 month old beautiful girl. Me and my wife live in Letchworth and moved there from Hitchin last autumn. I’m from Hitchin. I’ve not joined any Dad groups or anything, but your posts are really enjoyable and easy to read. It’s good to be able to relate to another local Dad!

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