Moving House 

There is a time when things end and there is a new beginning. Moving House is something I never really planned to do, it’s just happened but for all the right reasons. I’ve lived in the same place now for 13 years and looking back it’s incredible how things have changed over that time, working in London, great friends, housemates, Em, Sofia.

There is a moment in the Break Up (the film name is totally inappropriate in this situation), where they sell their amazing apartment and they shut the door for the last time, the property is empty and all the memories are no longer but locked inside that final glance round the flat. It’s that kind of feeling. I could talk a lot about all the things that have happened there over the years but it’s no longer the time or place. 

The new house is amazing, it’s our house, me, Em and Sofia and one that has the space we can grow up together in.  It has loads of space and is more than a standard box you get in the UK, high ceiling and big windows. It’s brand new as well so hopefully all the stress and maintenance costs of a old house will be a forgotten memory.  For Em it is getting a dishwasher. I am joking of course, it is our proper first place together but the fact it has a dishwasher is still mentioned a lot. 

The cul-de-sac is very much like starting university. Everyone is moving in over the week.  With big windows you can spend a lot of time checking out who is moving in, from the comfort of your own sofa, which is a good job as we don’t have broadband or a tv aerial (apparently not standard, wtf). We’ve not met one side yet but the other is a nice French couple with daughter, we know the guys down the road and have said hi to others. The road is full of new families so it should be a place for Sofia to grow up in.  

The local community also have shown an interest, we had a guy on his bike riding round stopping outside each house, he could just be scoping the joint for a burglary.  I gave him a wave, hello. It’s really weird though. You even see people slow down in their cars as they drive by on the main road.  There are lots of new trees and plants to grow so hopefully will start to hide us. Also the site is far from finished so we have the showroom still across the way. 10 years to bed in the builders said! 

Moving was fairly painless. We basically got people (Pickfords) to pack and move for us. Trust me when I say with a baby you don’t want to be doing this on your own. They came in one afternoon, packed and dismantled most things and had us moved and the items rebuilt by 3pm the next day. It helps if you are only moving down the road but the packing skills were immense, total damage, one glass microwave plate. When you watch some of the people moving on their own this week with multiple trips you do sit there beer in hand and smile as you watch them struggle in to the evening from the comfort of your window. 

Sofia is pretty happy exploring. She has managed both flights of stairs climbing and seems fairly happy, she gets confused by two flights of stairs and what floor she is on.  We’ve had Ems parents around to give us a break and get unpacked. This is essential, as is making sure her room is up and running first. She also needs toys on each floor so it keeps her entertained as you unpack, although packaging paper is an new favourite toy.  The lack of broadband has caused Elmo issues, so we had to make sure we had a few Furchester episodes downloaded. 

We are definitely knackered from the last few days. So what better thing to do than a bank holiday weekend trip to IKEA! 



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