First Toys Retired

It wasn’t more than a few months ago this little one was staring at the mirror as we watched on aghast at the fact she had become self aware and was smiling at the mirror towering above her. Now she is destroying it with a casual swing like King Kong. 

It’s almost enough to make your heart sink as you remember all those early days when you could let her lie there for a good ten minute break without her trying to climb the heights of Everest to the first floor at any opportunity. Now there is a casual look back to see if it’s ok or she has slipped your beady eye, before it was just a vacant stare or tears.

Anyway I am posting this as we are taking down this activity center. It has been superseded by the more advanced Percy the Lion which sings, can be sat on, walked with and has a ball catching mouth. Toys these days are annoyingly bright and big! 

They also play tunes so basic a Chinese production line QA can’t go wrong. I am hoping the new house will have ample storage for hiding these beasts. Either that or we will have to call in an American doctor to hunt down the yellow beast. He might fall for it being a real hunt. 

All that being said I am looking forward to the carnage of her being able to take her first steps. She was on the sofa trying today to just push off and glide across the lounge. She can just about balance for a second at the moment before going nah, it’s not yet my time. Even 3 months ago this was a distant future where Terminators ruled the world. A far flung future that is now a reality.  The lion is supposed to help with those first few steps.

We’ve already said goodbye to many things, she has outgrown many clothes that she started out in, this however seems to be the first toy.  These items are key stages of her little life to date that you feel you won’t get back.  It’s essential to me now that photos and this journal helps solidify those early memories for the future. 

So it’s goodbye to the Activity Mat, it has served us well over the last 8 months. It saw her first attempts to grab something, the strengthening of her legs through kicking the keyboard, pulling herself up and her smiling at herself in the mirror for the first time. At least this is a bit of a faceless toy, when Toy Story 3 comes around then I am sure there will be tears.


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