If you can’t beat them

Rows of buggies line the car park next to their cars, the elite buggies lined up from a thousand hours of shopping in John Lewis and honed on the high streets of a 100 Market towns. The race is set, it’s a 100m dash to the ticket office, some buggies get an advantage, they have racing membership and bypass the car park attendant. We have to stop and collect but we are off, we sneakily left just before the Easter Sunday service finished and a 1000 more people rushed to the start. We still start from the overflow car park.

By the time we get to the ticket office we are some of the first there, our buggy although not made for racing has got us to the entrance. £30 for 2 of us or £9 a month for the rest of Sofias childhood. They have us, we have joined the middle classes across the land in buying a piece of England and joining the National Trust!  Every weekend from now to eternity will be spent hunting out the next stately home to visit! 

Actually I quite like the National Trust and all the things I told my parents I didn’t when I became a teenager.  The world is a scary place with Trump and Kim Jong-Hun staring each other out over a game of Battleships. It’s far nicer being greeted by a couple of aging National Trust volunteers from a bygone era of Englandness. 

We are at Wimpole Hall for the first time, a farm, a stately home and cream teas. Can’t ask for more on a cloudy bank holiday. The alternative which is what I am doing now, Snooker world championships. This is definitely the anthesis of last weeks Bermondsey Beer Mile. 

It is however reasonably relaxed. We’ve introduced Sofia to new piglets, lambs and baby goats. They also explain via signs she can’t read how they become dinner so is either clever vegan advertising or for us fake news, we don’t eat these lovely animals. We also get to do a egg hunt with Cadbury rewards. 

So middle class, Bank Holiday, small animal, chocolate egg hunt, family outing, yearly membership done. I am sure we’d be doing some amazing if we didn’t have Sofia but can’t think what at the moment. Parenting baby brain. I’m off to peruse the National Trust website for our next outing. We’ve definitely joined something. 


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