Skills at 8 months

Sofia has rapidly become one of the most active babies we know. As soon as she learnt to crawl she was on to climbing. She is almost at the point now where she can stand without support and may take her first steps any movement. 

At the moment she can 

  • Crawl and climb steps, leave her for a moment and she is off
  • Climb the edge of a sofa or step to point where she can stand
  • Can hold items while holding on to the edge of something with another hand
  • Kneels if cannot support 
  • She is also adept at twisting or pivoting to change direction with balance while in the bath
  • She is strong and is always trying to break something or in to something
  • She has very good hand coordination and has now started to wave at everyone which can be amusing

She is also teething. This is causing some problems as she dribbles everywhere and has developed a red dry chin as a result. We are using some steroid creme to try and reduce the redness but until her top teeth come through this is likely to persist.  

  • She has her bottom two teeth
  • You can feel the top two teeth coming through
  • She dribbles everywhere
  • She is also scratching her ears a lot, we can’t work out if this is a pain or discomfort brought on by the teeth
  • Farts! 

She eats most things, Em has a endless selection of food on the go for her

  • Steamed veg is a favourite especially broccoli 
  • Pasta and sauce as long as homemade, doesn’t like pizza express
  • Toast
  • Doesn’t really like chicken, must be this bird affinity
  • Still loves her bottle to point she will force it off you
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Potato! Love potatoes

In terms of the world she is happy when she is out and about and seeing new things. She seems to love windy days and spends most of her time being nosey. We’ve started to take her to the park occasionally and the swing is a firm favourite as has been throwing her up in the air which always seems to bring a laugh.

In addition she is trying to say some words, mostly this consists of 

  • Mama which is when she needs comfort or is upset
  • Da or Dada for anything else in the entire world
  • She does seem to recognise basic words but not NO 
  • When she really doesn’t like something she is blowing raspberries 
  • There is also a shrill when out which is normally when seeing a bird or small animal scurrying about

One of the dad’s at work mentioned his daughter was singing My Fair Lady at 11months, I want a freaky child like this! 


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