Driving Miss Baby

Sofia has been a good night sleeper, at worst she has to sleep in our bed but there is no sleepless nights or late night drives. For many babies and toddlers this is not the case and drastic action such as late night drives are required. 

Ford have developed a baby cot which looks like it will never be sold but is every sleepless babies dream. A cot that feels like you are in a car. I couldn’t find a English version but it looks like it has a host of cool features from gentle engine hum to light System that feels like you are on the road at night. 

How well this works may never be known but you can guarantee If it did it would be a best seller even just as a funky baby gadget. I know for a fact Sofia does sleep when a car either through boredom or as answers on Quora suggest it is down to just the comfort, a familiar place with same sounds and motion. I guess it is modern cot rocking. 


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