Beer Shower

The Beer Mile weekend is a reflection on current state of affairs. I had a Saturday out with no baby, the mile was in celebration of another baby joining the group, there are 2 waiting in the wings and another 2 getting there (1 to the point where he double booked this and a romantic weekend in Granada).  This was the Beer shower.

This was very much the male equivalent of the baby shower, the 19th century English tradition of well to do ladies who threw tea parties for expectant friends. In the 20th century this got mixed up with wedding showers, the war and became a thing for ladies to do before giving birth. 

So this is the male equivalent, 5 breweries, some pubs, food, a sunny day and I’m without baby (I’ve said that twice). So the beer mile is actually more than a mile, with more than 5 stops if you include the pubs. For a brewery tour this seems cheating so we decided to visit just breweries

  1. Anspatch & Hobday
  2. Brew by Numbers
  3. Partizan
  4. Youpure 
  5. Southwark Brewing Company

The maps below give the full route.

It’s pretty straight forward after deciding which places, a half or two-thirds in each brewery and a few tasters to get a sense of what you want to drink. Most places have food but then enroute back we did find a really interesting food market, hidden between a block of flats and a set of rail arches. This was like some global food hall with lots to try. 

There were actually a few dad’s out with babies, although don’t expect baby changing facilities, it was mainly rented toilets.  It is pretty civilised and not a student beer crawl. It gets busier as the day goes on to the point where you have to queue, so it is worth making an early start if you can. We went straight to Borough market for a early morning coffee and breakfast snack before starting out.  Although lacking baby facilities it is something you could take a baby to. Less beer, more food and it is easily accessible from London Bridge. 

So beer shower achieved. We sent the to be dad home via Stansted, he fell asleep enroute back to Old Harlow. There were no baby presents with the beer shower, so that is maybe an addition for next time.  That is one thing you do learn through all of this is as a group we are pretty relaxed and don’t plan much of a day out. Just bacause you can. That’s all about to change as we all start hitting the baby cycle.


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