Mothers Day 

Sofia survived her first Mother’s Day just with a badge of must try harder next year B+. It started with her making mummy get breakfast and a bottle. She felt this was recompense for earlier that week having her feet dipped in paint and splashed on a bit of coloured paper with ‘I love mummy’ written on it.  It also helped that daddy was still asleep. She’d probably reasoned she has several years of bringing mummy and daddy tea and toast in bed so this was still her first year.  

This was to go with the flowers and card ordered to be delivered on a Sunday. It is hard finding time away from mummy to go shopping so she’d tried to order in via Moonpig. This is a mistake she will learn about for next year as it turned up half way through the day with a bouquet smaller than the picture. She is still learning about the internet but credit for ordering flowers as daddy is normally pretty bad at this. The card was nice though. 

It’s pretty important Mother’s Day and much of the older babies had warned her of this fact and to prepare. Looking back on it now I think daddy will need to help Sofia much more next year. She did plan a day out which consisted of brunch and then a trip to mummies new favourite location the local farm where she always gets excited by all the different animals in the yard and the opportunity from for tea and cake. 

There are definitely a few learns for Sofia here and it probably should be something taught early on in Baby Heartbeeps or something similar.  It probably should also come in the hospital post natal pack to help first time babies and daddies plan a successful Mother’s Day. Next year the challenge is a A*


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