One Night Away

It’s been nearly 8 months now and we’ve been out together on our own maybe 3-4 times but never for a whole day and night. This weekend we managed to get away for a overnight in London. It’s difficult leaving Sofia for a night but she was in capable hands of granny and grandad.  She has been sleeping well again of late after Florida and a week of needing to sleep in our bed. 

We didn’t have much of a plan. Get to London, drop bags, explore London as we always do on foot. This wasn’t a weekend in a hotel and sexy time ending with baby two. One is enough. We picked a good weekend for it and was able to check out some old haunts and some interesting places. Borough market for coffee and cake; a drink up the Shard; food out in Soho; a run along the Thames and then a Columbia Road Market trip. 

Through all of this we got regular updates of what Sofia was up to. She was generally well behaved. A giant new walker Lion and attention from the grand parents helped, plus the fact she had spent time in Florida with them so knew they could look after her. We left food and instructions on the nightly routine of play, food, play, bath, bottle and sleep which has been a ritual now for the last 4 months. 

So we have done a night out now, a day out, nights apart and so just need a weekend away now together. That’s probably a few more months away.  There is definitely an element of separation anxiety for both of us, Em had it more as she spends more time with her and I get to go to work. Sofia is also at a point where she is an explorer. She is crawling and looking for her next challenge. All of this brings added worry while it’s new. Also it would just be nice to spend time together and relax, something the break has said we needed.


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