Who Needs Toys

I was down at the recycling yard today and it was a masssd pile of plastic toys discarded without regard for the sentiment shown in Toy Story 3.  We’ve tried not to buy lots of toys but our plans in part have been scuppered by gifts from various family. However like the old adage of kids playing with the wrapping paper rather than the present itself, you find the same thing with every day life.  So what are the top fake toys.

Remote Control

We’ve found this from day 1 that she loves shoving a remote control in her mouth. We’ve tried Toy versions but these just don’t cut it. The originals are much preferred. She will hunt one out whenever with us.

Mobile Phone

We haven’t bought her one yet. However a mobile phone is definitely on the playlist. She has a toy one but isn’t happy with it and definitely prefers our own one.

Plastic bottle and kitchen utensils

If it has water in then all the better as she shakes the bottle and turns it upside down to see the water flowing inside. This when complemented with yoghurt pots, a wash brush and a sponge is all you need to train your child for future life, cleaning for pocket money! 


As ever the humble box is a favourite toy. This provides hours of fun, she chews it or throws it around. You don’t really need what’s in it. 

There is a lot she shouldn’t play with but wants to, cables are a favourite, Sofia is keen to learn hair straightening using Ems straightners. Also on the list of things not to play with is bin bags, dirtier the better and finally the humble shoe; that just needs to be sucked. So one thing for sure is when we move house we are designing a clean living house with no clutter or stuff on the floor.  House proofing has already started with the cleaning cupboard now locked.

Actually the one amusing thing she has taken to searching for each wander is the door stop, shaped as a dog. She approaches this with caution but is really excited by it.

So all in all save your cash, get out some cheap plastic and your child is entertained. You don’t need to follow all these online guides to shape this plastic in to interesting toys. No rattles or shakes the plain plastic is enough. 

It might sound i all of this like I am some kind of Scrooge but we have a ample supply of our own toys. However maybe focus on the books and things that educate, or do what we have started doing now it is spring and get your child outside, wildlife walks, farms or just plain old town seems to provide endless fascination. 


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