Something Changed

Like every good pulp song the story evolves as you go along. Having had a very good baby who sleeps pretty much as well as we do, is suddenly not happy, wakes every 5 minutes and can’t settle. There is lots Online to suggest this is a 7 month growth spurt and it can last anywhere from a single week to a month, great. 

She has also taken a dislike to me during the night and is really clingy to Em. We are at the point where we want to take her back to Florida and reset her.  It’s a bit disheartening at night as I can’t do anything, she doesn’t want me and actively pushes me away. It is the same for other people with the exception of Em. Em’s dad came round for lunch only to be cried at the whole time. 

However as soon as she is in our bed she is asleep! Her arms open up and she is sprawled across the bed with me and Em hanging over each side of the bed. We really hope this is a phase and are comforted by articles on mumsnet and the like.  For now it is pretty annoying. 


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