Florida Flight Home

There are 456 passengers on this plane and 7 babies announces the stewardess. I missed the fun on the way out flying a week later and a ill baby with dioreah and a nasty rash. This resulted in an American A&E visit as the doctors wouldn’t touch a infant. Welcome to the NHS in a few years. 

I flew out a week later with a single bag and managed to watch several films, The Arrival being the best and consumed several beverages with alcohol while getting several hours of sleep.

Hopefully this time round it’s not too different, I’m actually writing this from one mile up while Sofia sleeps in her basenette opposite. There is time for a quick G&T and a fear that she will wake any minute. We are 30 mins in to a 8hr flight. At least one of the babies near us is crying. Stewardesses are already overly attentive and helpful. 

There has already been one school boy error, not putting up the tv before putting up Sofia basenette basket. You have to do the tv before the basket. I am now forced to watch the tv a few seats down as it plays Magnificent 7 in silent. In fairness that’s probably not all that bad as the film is purely action. Em beside me after Necking her gin is asleep. 

It’s a hard life for dads on this journey, the mums know best obviously and have meticulously packed several bottles, nappies, clothes for bed and food for the journey. The dad is left to be the packhorse and I at least sorted the bed and the overhead locker storage. When Sofia is not in her basket then she was sleeping on me as Em gets a few hours sleep. 

4 hours earlier we’d left from Bradenton just outside Sarasota after a weeks holiday. Traffic was terrible as befits the golfing season and one of the many tournaments to be held in Florida. The car is packed to capacity, this is a car which seats 7 and for you need a step ladder to gain entry.  It’s amazing the toys and clothes accumulated during the visit and that’s without Disney yet being a thing, just one doting grandma. 

….and as I write this fasten seat belt signs come on and we are asked to take Sofia from her basket back on to our laps. They also fix the tv situation and also bring dinner. We are both now physically stuck as the design does not allow for stowing the table while the tv is out or the tv while the basket is down. There is now no hope of going for a pee on this flight. I feed Emma (she is holding Sofia), eat some food then throw much of it away as have no space in which to arrange it. There is no wine with dinner. Shortly after food is served the fasten seatbelt sign switches off and we can return Sofia to her basket. It’s currently 4.11am and we land at 9.30 UK time…. that was the worst bit of the journey. 

To be honest the rest of the trip was without drama, Sofia slept the whole night! She woke occasionally but that was just some murmurings and she never triply woke up. I wish I had been the opposite and had some sleep ahead of a 2 hour drive back to Hertfordshire from Gatwick. Security on the way out was great but coming back in was terrible and it is not baby friendly as the majority of desks are now scanners and babies can’t do the scanning desks. This results in a slow meander to get your bags. 

So all in all we survived and actually it wasn’t quite that bad. Sofia is very aware of her surroundings and is interested in everyone around her, so 400 odd people on a plane provides great entertainment. 


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