Just like her parents…

So Sofia is developing rapidly, last month she couldn’t crawl now she is a social animal. With this comes a desire to do everything we do and it is scary exactly what she wants to do, here they are in no particular order

Crawls for the Remote

Every good socialite needs to be up on the news and she is no different. Left to her own devices then the first thing she will grab from near us is the tv remote control. She doesn’t understand it’s true purpose yet, mostly it just goes in the mouth. However in the last week she is now playing with the buttons. It won’t be long before she is watching Hollywood housewives with mum. 

Wants to phone home

So recently a set of photos appeared on Ems phone as Sofia took a unlocked iPhone and managed to photo herself. This is possibly her first selfie. Again until recently this is was a target for her mouth or to try and throw across the room.  

While in the USA we bought her a second hand old school phone with a analogue ring dialler (no idea what you call this these days). She loves this. It really won’t be long till she is demanding her own iPhone to invite friends round for a tea party or Elmo video night. 

Is very nosey or an explorer

I can’t pretend I’m not nosey and Em definitely is, Sofia while out is the same. If she is not looking at what we are eating and demanding the food then she is smiling at anyone else around her and trying to get attention. This works and she is somewhat a character in cafes. She has even learnt to sit in a high chair in such a way that she can swivel 360 and survey the room. 

Even when not in her chair. She is either exploring in her stroller  and opening cupboards or crawling and exploring shelves or drawers. She is now starting to pull herself up on things. She can now kneel and it really can’t be long till she is standing. Her stroller and constant jumping is strengthening her legs. If she isn’t in her stroller then she is exploring via crawling. She can often be found crawling away from her toy area in exploration. Hoping this will turn her in to a bit of a nomad and explorer. She will then be a willing traveller on our yearly explorations of the world.

Eats what we do

So she used to have just milk, then she went on to baby led weening and now we could probably buy her a children’s meal and she’d eat the lot or at least throw it across the room. She recently shared pancakes with us while we had brunch in an American bar. 

She pretty much eats whatever and if doesn’t like it will spit it across the room. She isn’t perfect and there is usually a meals worth around her high chair. 


Besides the stroller we have discovered this holiday her love of the pool. She is quite happy to paddle around for a hour or so. She can’t swim yet, she usually if left goes face down and doesn’t float as yet, well not until we lose faith and prop her up again. 

Even when indoors she has taken to using me as an assault course which usually involved clambering over the top of my chest and over the other side, usually to get hold of the iPhone or remote control.  All this is getting her ready for the years of football practice and running to come. She won’t have much of a choice so might as well get her used to this now. 


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