Planning for a week alone

I need to remember this for next time and was discussing this with my hairdresser today (as you do). I should be planning for a week alone and maximising stuff to do. Em and Sofia are away for a week and so I have the house to myself. Part of me Just wants to lay on the sofa and chill. 

1. Get out the house, do brunch, do coffee.

So I am an early riser, I like to get up get the housework done then go out for coffee and brunch. This hasn’t really been possible with Sofia. She gets up early, she wants breakfast, play and then sleep. By the time this is done the earliest you are leaving the house is after 10.30. Today I was in town by 9.30am. It’s nice just to wander the shops in some spring sun. 

2. Go to the Cinema

I haven’t done baby cinema yet but I doubt it is relaxing unless Sofia is asleep. So I am going to plan a cinema trip over the next week. I am lacking access to the car at the moment, it is sat quietly in the airport car park but a Sunday afternoon show beckons.  Haven’t seen many films of late. I think the last film was Rogue One. 

3. Run

It hasn’t helped the last few days having a cold otherwise I’d have been out there. Running has definitely suffered since Sofia or is it just me getting older. My 5km time is slower by 1 minute, 13 miles is slower by 5 minutes. There isn’t the same amount of time to get out there. I am thinking as the summer arrives I need to focus on the 5km distance and get the pace back there. Weather at the moment is damp so we will see how far I get over the next few days. 

4. Have a drink in a bar

This isn’t planned yet and maybe this is the one I am avoiding at the moment. I am tired! Work, Sofia and illness has taken its toll on me over the last month or two. A drink just makes me think tired, hangover, lack of sleep. All the things I feel I need a rest from. We will see how the week goes but if there was a summer night then this might be one I should be doing. A drink with friends in a bar is definitely something that should be on any dads home alone list! 

5. Learn something new

There is silence in the house, time has slowed and you find you have done everything you would have done when Sofia is around and there is still 10 hours left in the day. So I have managed to download a Python IDE and am starting to learn some basic programming. It also gives me chance to catch up some blogs and background reading for work on Agility. This may seem sad but is something that is really interesting at the moment and so now is a good time to get some study in. My dad is probably reading this screaming at me to learn to play the guitar. Maybe I will give that a go as well 😉 


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