Hartbeeps – First Baby Class

Hartbeeps Is a franchise Sensory class for babies of different ages, in this case 6-12 months. I went, taking a day off as Emma and Sofia are off to America tomorrow, this was a chance to spend a final few hours together, despite another cold brewing! It was located at our local church hall and is on every week. 

It is a crazy place with 20 babies all of different ages let lose on the floor and then given a range of different toys and songs that we all sing! Even the parents get to dress up, in nice fetching animal headbands! 

Being one of two dads there, it is also a bit off putting and everyone is a bit surprised you are there, the teacher, who recently bumped into the side of our new car, is full of energy and songs from twinkle twinkle little star to Humpty Dumpty. All with hand puppets and light shows to entertain the babies. 

It’s interesting to see the baby reactions and abilities. Some crawling across the floor others just sitting their or bursting in to tears. Sofia for her age is doing well, she is now crawling and is very active when it comes to playing with toys and things. As long as she can put it in her mouth then she is happy. Cue OCD nightmare! 

This will become the new normal shortly and is probably more relaxing and stimulating than some of the meetings I currently sit in. 


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