7 months and now crawling

Sofia is 7 months! It is also spring! It is also now only 3 months till I take 2 months off work! Christ it’s nearly summer. Before then we need to move house, go on holiday and generally be busy! 

So what’s new with Sofia!? Well she is crawling, she has quickly developed moving from a shuffle to outright crawling. It’s pretty impressive and you can set objects around the room and then watch her hunt them down. It takes her a minute or so to start moving but once underway there is no stopping her. She is at the point now where she is happy crawling and leaving the room.

She is also now opening cupboards! At the moment this is restricted to when she is in her walker and moving around the kitchen. She managed to pick the worst first door to open. Like on deal or no deal and getting a smile from the banker as you select the £50,000 box too early. This cupboard is the cleaning cupboard. We need to child proof very soon! 

In addition she has a bottom tooth. This has made her a bit grumpy at times but she is eating now lots of random food. With age comes words or nearly words, no dad or mum yet but she is shouting out ga, da, ba a lot. So isn’t far off.

Her grip and ability to pinch has also become more refined. Possibly due to trying to pick up slippery fruit from the table. This also manifests itself in her trying to pick dirt off the floor and eat it. 

There is a lot going on right now. We are amazed daily around her progress and she is turning in to a proper little person. I told one of our friends last week “when she was younger” which made her laugh as it implied she has been around for ages! For us I think the times when we don’t remember her are fast fading. 


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