Burger Club

Burger club is something me and my friends started nearly 2 years ago and is basically a time we all meet up, catch up and eat burgers. It’s now one of the few nights out in a month now Sofia is here. It’s probably a bit unfair as Em no longer gets chance to come but is very much part of the club.

Over the years it has seen new members, ex-girlfriends/boyfriends leave. We don’t all make it and if you took a history of it, it would be a microcosm of our lives. There have been 3 marriages, 1 breakup, 1 baby (1 on the way), global travelling, multiple house and flat moves, new jobs, the list can go on.

It will be interesting to see when we run out of new places to try what we do next, superclub is already touted. We do a yearly Christmas gathering and as we all get married, have kids and it gets more difficult to just be out in London then I am sure this is where we will end up.
For now it is awesome group of friends that meet up on a regular basis. We often mess around but here is a video and speech from last night which kind of encapsulates what it’s all about.

And of course there are the burgers. These are my top 5 from London and New York.

  1. Honest Burger – Federation burger, also started in Brixton and was a early date night with Em
  2. Patty and Bun – special which included a additional beef cheek
  3. Corner Bistro – straight forward New York burger where my burger love started
  4. Lucky Chip – well formed and presented perfect burgers, taste great also
  5. Meat Liqor – Dead Hippie, as dirty a burger as you can get in London

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