Going Out Out or Not

You wake up as always and get out of bed in a haze, go downstairs and start making breakfast.  There is a strangeness of waking up and walking round a quiet house that doesn’t quite feel right.  Your head has a slight dull throbbing like you’ve been drinking, the night before a blur.  The sound system in the bar that was playing in the background has left your ears with some sort of temporary deafness.  And this is exactly how I feel writing this post over breakfast.  The house is empty, Sofia is out for the night with Em at her parents.  It’s that noise that is missing, she is rarely quiet and you are rarely sitting quietly supping a flat white and being in a position where you can write this post.  It’s an odd feeling.

Now I could have gone out out, arranged a night of drinks and be out in London for the duration.  The weather has suddenly turned, the day is getting longer, leaving the office at 5 to dusk and not blackness is a lift to the soul.  It feels like it has been a long winter, this is all that Sofia has ever known!  Cold days and dark.  In fairness she was born in August but doubt she was aware back then.  All she knows is being dressed in about 10 layers of varying thickness up to a full on snow suite.  

The evening light and the desire just relax led me to walking to the station from work, it’s a pleasant walk through St James Park and up through the bustle of Soho (I wanted to call it Sofo) and back up past the British Museum to Kings Cross.  It’s also a chance to gather my thoughts, we are likely going to take the plunge and move house.  It’s been a surprisingly easy decision.  Thinking it through over a burger at Patty & bun enroute, this is as far as my drinking tonight went.  They were doing free beer between 5-7, something to remember going forwards.  It was also fairly quiet making me think that burgers have saturated London finally and the clamour is slowly starting to move on to a different trend.  The sandwich?!

So there was no going out out out, might not even really have gone out, there isn’t the desire these days, the moments between Sofia being in the house are those peaceful hangover days on the sofa.  Gather your thoughts and get ready to go again.  A reminder to times gone by.  It also gives you a chance to try and get over your hacking cough which has been going now for well over a week and a sign of things to come after catching it from Sofia. She is fine but I continue to cough and splutter a lot.  I’d have been out running this morning otherwise which has taken a back seat of late but with the weather and the length of day on the turn it’s time to get back out on the streets once more.  There is a always a lot to do so this moment of toast and coffee is a pleasant experience.  I look forward, though, to seeing her smiling face later.



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