To Move or Not to Move

I think if I went away for two weeks and came back to find we’d moved 100 meters down the road having bought one of the new build houses for sale on the site of an old college. My first thought would be we are nuts but having seen the house and having to make a spur of the moment decision it isn’t clear cut.  Em is keen to move and now, in many ways so am I. 

We currently live in a 2 bed terrace and I’ve lived there for over 10 years now, it has a lot of memories, good and bad over the years. It is very much home to me. Hopefully Em also sees it as home but didn’t buy it with me and so it isn’t truly ours. 

This house has enough room for both of us for now, the downside is that it is difficult to have guests, at this low point of the year it is also not as cosy as a house could be. It needs constant heating and there are drafts and some elements of damp (all old houses have this). It’s on a busy road but once out back you don’t notice that. 

The new house is modern and actually pretty spacious, 3 bed with additional study, a garage and a drive. This is 2.4 children living (for all those reading in to that, no). It does back on to a new car garage and the garden is far from massive. It is possibly smaller than our current small garden. It all seems fairly comfortable but in some ways boring also! Maybe I am still slightly rebelling about growing up.

In the course of the last year I’ll have bought a nearly new car, had a baby and bought a modern house. All things a few years ago I’d thought I’d never be doing.  I’ve been all for clearing the mortgage, quitting my job and living on a beach in a cheap country in the sun. If I can learn to code on my two months off then we can work and earn some cash also. It seems so easy writing that! 

In reality I am on the fence somewhere in between. 


  • We can afford it
  • House is interesting and not a boring box
  • I still love older period house but over the years have got fed up with the cold (this will come as a surprise to the various housemates who I have tried my best to freeze through lack of heating). So it will be warm
  • It has a garage and drive and allocated parking
  • Extra rooms for guests
  • In Hitchin not far from station and town
  • Off main road
  • New memories, Sofia had a big grin on her face while being taken round the house.


  • Bigger Mortgage
  • Small garden, not south facing
  • Backs on to car sales car park
  • Although off road is on an estate with flats so car parking may be a issue
  • No period features, new build
  • Small maintenance charge
  • Near main road
  • Impulse buy? Not my favourite location in Hitchin even if near where we live now 
  • Old memories

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