You Have One Job Today

You are home and have one job today, look after Sofia, this is something that will be my only job come June so I have a day to prove myself.  It doesn’t help that I have caught Sofia’s sore throat and cold, I have instant sympathy for her complaining over the last week, this is much worse than man flu.  I just want to go to bed and sleep but no it’s play time!  Em to ease my burden has left me with a guide to the day.  It goes like this…

  • Wake time: 6-8am Change, and first milk feed
  • Play/Get up (don’t bother dressing Sofo as she will destroy herself at breakfast!)
  • Breakfast: Fruit, cereal (weetabix with some warm formula milk), porridge made with water and a dash of cows milk, yoghurt or toast?! 7.30-8.30
  • Play/clean up and dress Sofo….
  • Milk feed: 9-10
  • Nap: 9.30-10.30, tends to be 30-1hr
  • Lunch: 12-1.15 solids, food in fridge, followed by fruit or yoghurt depending on how hungry/amount eaten 1.15-2 milk feed
  • Nap: 1.30-3?! Should be longer, around about 1.5hr. If she naps only a bit (say 30 mins), then encourage another nap later.
  • Dinner: 5pm Followed by milk feed (5-6oz) or smaller depending on how much she ate. If she ate a lot then cut down the milk, she’ll be having a big bedtime bottle soon!
  • Bath: 6.30-7.30 (depending on length and time of last nap) Milk feed Bed normally latest by 7.30
  • If you go out, make sure you have enough clothes/nappies… she is prone to pooping out at the moment!
  • Don’t fuck it up…

I added the last bullet point and it’s probably the most important point to me.

Sofia is sat looking at me, probably wondering why daddy is here and mum is gone.  She is currently in her small pink rover car in the kitchen.  This used to be something she just bounced in but she is now mobile.  I turn to make coffee, this is essential if I am going to survive the day.  I turn back and she has accelerated half the length of the kitchen and is pulling flower petals off the tulips.  After my recent incident at a christening where she ate one of those silver “Happy Christening” tags off the table this is not starting well.  She hasn’t eaten any of them and the coffee is still drinkable.  She is fed. Breakfast navigated ok.

Baby Feeding Baby Walker

She should be sleeping but she isn’t, the plan said she’d be tired and would go to sleep.  Not this time, she has realised she has a new parent in charge and takes advantage.  After a variety of different rooms and songs tried there is nothing more to do but watch Saturday Kitchen on tv and feed her a bottle.  This is a typical hangover cure for most people in the UK substituting the bottle for a cup of tea.  This also does the trick and she falls asleep!

I want to get out the house, I’ve been off for two days now Ill and not been out.  I have cabin fever and so need some real air even if there isn’t any sun.  This is the depths of winter and generally being ill and having no sun makes it pretty miserable.  Taking that step out the house is like leaving an airlock on a spaceship.  Or is how i imagine it.  I think i have everything needed for Sofia’s survival.  Em’s helped and packed most of it in advance but there is always the danger we might not have packed something vital and may not make it back.  The door closes and there is no turning back.

Snug baby

We go and investigate the new housing site down the road, there are a few houses there we like, downside is they are expensive (everything is these days) and they don’t have much garden.  I get kudos from the mainly female estate agents (is that what they are called on a new build?) for having a baby.  They are happy to show me round the show home and spend the whole time trying to get the relationship status with Em right, including a pause where they hope i offer that up.  Everyone agrees Sofia is cute and she should come back tomorrow with Em to see the house.

My other stop off is the Yoga Shed by the station, in part this is to try out their coffee (it’s likely to be the best coffee short of walking to town) but also because i aim to become a new age man while off and what better way to do that than through yoga.  I also find out there are no men and baby classes and so will have to see if the post natal yoga classes will allow a man to attend.  I feel June and July will be blogging about the inequality for the male dad at home.

Continuing my amazing dad streak we make baby pizza for lunch.  This has already been primed by Em as an idea but I still have to make these.  They are made through cutting a circle in smaller tortilla or pitta and then tomato puree and cheese.  These go down a treat, with the tortilla sucked back to it original state or stored for later in her bib.  I think baking is going to be a thing when have time off.  The food went so well i forgot about the fruit.

Baby Eating   Baby Pizzas

So the rest of the afternoon is spent largely on plan.  She has a bottle, she has a sleep, she is also really trying to crawl.  She is on her knees now and so is close to moving.  This i see as a success of being off the last few days.  What else has happened today?  Well I have drank as many cups of coffee as she has had poo’s.  This i see as a good ratio, today this equated to 3.  I am also close to getting her to say dada, she was on ga, is now on da, so can’t be long!

So a successful day, not a whole day as Em is back by 4 so takes over for the bath and bed.  Definitely feel better doing this especially when well.

  • Poo count = 3 (including 2 changes of clothes)
  • Coffee = 3
  • Food = Yogurt, pizza, missed fruit
  • Hours survived alone = 7
  • Plants damaged = 1
  • Sleeps = 2
  • Crawl status = on knees
  • Town visit – 0

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