The Witching Hour

Sofia goes for a bath around 6.30 but in the hour running up to that she can be found in various moods, usually ranging from grumpy to a complete nightmare! However there is one cure and this takes the form of YouTube. 

Ever since I got bored one evening and introduced her to Elmo. Possibly after just 3 months this has led to her loving any sighting of that red monster. It’s amazing not only the enthusiasm for him but also the number of stars that have sung with him. It ranges from Katy Perry to Bocelli. Of course the favourite is still Elmos song! An original. 

Elmo has also starred with some famous film stars such as Natalie Portman and also Clare Danes. They pop up everywhere. It’s amazing how Sesame Street which I struggled to love as a child is now so enthralling. I could list 10s of favourite moments of stars with Elmo. I really did think the show was on its way out when I was growing up. I’m glad now it continues! 

We are going to Florida in March and we were nearly taking her to Sesame Street world which has a dine with Elmo lunch time buffet. Unfortunately or luckily depending on point of view this doesn’t open to April, so it will have to wait another year. 

There are other things that keep her going though. She hasn’t got to In the Night Garden yet. She does watch pop videos, as long as they have a sick beat. This is handy as Taylor Swift has this going for her

She is also not loving those skinny models and loves a bit of Megan Trainor and her song All About That Bass. I think the colours are the important bit along with the bass. It keeps her happy in that final hour. 

We are running low on Elmo and famous celebs and so we need to find a new fix soon, otherwise that glass of wine after she has gone to bed drifts further in to the distance. 

I’m interested to know if Sofia is normal or slightly nuts, she is definitely a fan of rhyme time and Jo Jingles which Em goes to weekly. The other babies tend to just lie there but Sofia is up and dancing about! Em thinks we are bad parents for her watching Elmo and chart music! 


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