So the continued wait for Sofia to crawl off is highlighted by this time lapse video of her in the lounge. It won’t be long.  The journey so far as been the following steps

  1. Raising of the head and top part of her body from the floor using her arms, she has been doing this for maybe 3 months now.
  2. She then learnt the roll, this seem part of general balance, as she has controlled this things have become easier to move about
  3. Sitting up, this along with the roll as definitely helped her balance and using her arms at time to balance herself means she is building strength.
  4. Initially it was swimming on the spot, now she has managed to push herself on to her knees, she can’t move forwards yet other than to fall forwards mirroring the worm dance.  Unfortunately I dont have a photo of Sofia doing this so you’ll have to watch a grown man attempting the same.

5.  Now she can hold her self upright, there are a few moves she can do.  Roll, twist, push herself forwards.  This leads to movement very like this.