Sofia Witch Project 

Sofia is getting much more mobile, she is so close to crawling. This has also been coupled with a cold and a general desire to flip on to her front at every opportunity to breathe more easily. 

This means bed time has turned in to something resembling the Blair Witch Project. We put her on her back in bed but soon she is talking in to the camera. It’s almost like she knows the camera is there. 

This camera acting and general sleeping on her front has put us on edge a little around whether she is breathing ok. I am sure she will be fine but her greater movement means you are no longer in control of what she does. This means we are not far off having to child proof the house. 

The move towards crawling forwards is preceded by moving backwards. Her reversing skills are now on full show although she is not entirely in control of direction. She is strog enough to lift herself up just not move. 

I am really hoping I am around when she first crawls. This is coupled with trying to teach her first word to be Dada. There is obvious competition in me here. Bath time is mostly about me trying to get her to mouth her first word. There are so many developments going on it’s hard to know what’s next, there are teeth coming also.

So all we can do is sit and wait now. The rate of development in her is truly amazing. We visited our friends new baby this weekend (this is now a thing, having been to a christening the day before) who had just turned 10 days. It’s incredible seeing how small and helpless they are. It’s hard remembering Sofia like that now. It all went by in a haze.  

The other development is Em has been broody!   I think if you could just buy one I’d turn up at home one day only to find a new baby in the house. It’s only the body impact that’s stopping this being a bigger thing. Must start thinking about getting a kitten. It might be my only hope. 


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