6 Months OMG 

OMG Sofia is 6 months old, that’s 15 months since this whole adventure started with a pregnancy test passed across the table and me going a bit nuts with the thought Of having a little person to look after forever. I am still scared of the fact I will be 60 by the time she is 20.

So far the experience has been brilliant, everyone said I’d love it, you just need to make it happen and then you adapt. There is a lot that I can’t do without some sort of pre-planning and this will likely get more demanding once we are both back at work. 

We’ve not really had any time together on our own. I think it’s been a few half days where we have had time together. 4 months in we got our evening back which was pretty amazing. We need some time together and have a night away planned. There is also the small matter of my 2 months off in June as part of shared parental leave. 

Some things that have not happened, I didn’t do a photo a day. I lasted about 1 week before that stopped. I do have 1000s of photos already and have started to take more videos. This has shown her grow from a small helpless baby in to a very cute little baby who is developing daily, can sit up, can shreak, develop a like for things such as Elmo, eat real food and generally become a little human being. It’s funny, I still don’t see Sofia as a girl or a boy, she is at the moment almost sexless except for the obvious bits. 

It’s been a totally amazing experience, tough but very rewarding and a complete distraction from the crazy world developing around us. You do wonder at times what world we have brought her in to. I always had this as a reason not to bring a new person in to the world but now you feel you need to make it a better place for her. 

So here are some photos from the last 6 months

Early Months

By Month 6


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