Working 9-5 + travelling

So an average day for me looks like this, alarm goes off just before 6, leave the house catching the 6.43 to London. Grab a coffee, this is important and in work around 8. I try to leave and catch the 5.37 train home although sometimes this becomes the 6.10. One day a week I play football or run meaning I am not home until late evening. 

Pre-baby things were different. I worked longer, often into the early evening, Em did also and this often meant spending time eating out in London after work. There was more running and football outside of work also. 

Post baby, life has changed. The early start means I often see her just as she wakes up and then just before bed. If I miss a train I miss seeing her and this potentially means a whole day without spending time with Sofia. If didn’t I’d be so disappointed not to see her of an evening. If I run or play football this means nearly two days without seeing her. Bath time takes on a significance as is the main time during the week we get to play. It’s a complete break from work and helps me switch from manager to dad. 

The importance of the smile is massive. She has a face that looks so happy to see you there is no better feeling in the world especially when works feels like everyone is against you and every day is a battle. I can make a difference to this little one and there is nothing better than seeing her develop over time. She is so different to even a month ago. To think this is because of me and Em is so special. 

The simplicity of her world cannot be comprehended and she must wonder where I spend most of the day only to pop up as the night draws in. I bath her, feed her and put her to bed. My only reminders in the day are the whatsapp photos sent by Em. These make me smile and often help with the day ahead. It’s going to be amazing to be able to spend all day with her. Weekends show she can be a right pain but balancing work and her is sometimes too much. You need that time apart with no work or baby. 

This is life 6 months in. It is going to be a very different rountine once I am off and also following when we both work. This is where it will really be a shock to how I work today. Until then I will enjoy my evenings and continued 


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