A&E First Visit

So it is everything you go “why”to, when you hear about other babies as a non-parent, “You went to A&E because your baby fell 2 feet from the sofa?”, “You went to A&E as your baby had a temperature?”. Well this time it was us and I can now kind of see why, Sofia had decided to do her longest continuous gym sequence to date and rolled twice and fallen off the sofa and banged her head. 

This impressive feet was also mortifying for Em who was looking after her at the time, cue all kinds of comments around her being the worst parent ever. She isn’t, far from and based on the conversations the next day at work not the only one. Millions of beds, trolleys and sofa gym routines have gone horribly wrong for the baby resulting in nill points and a visit to the hospital or after a few nill points the cuddle farm and bed for retirement. 

Sofia seemed fine, she cried immediately and wouldn’t shut up which is actually a good sign. It was the end of the day and she was tired, luckily I was walking home from work so could get back quickly. There was no visible injury but this coupled with it being bed time meant she was fairly grumpy. Phoning NHS direct and the abc decision making meant bang+head=hospital. 

Our hospital is on red alert at the moment and we feared a long wait. It was, 1 hour to get triaged, “your baby looks fine”, another hour to see a Doctor to get discharged with a slap over the wrists about being bad parents, “social services will likely give you a call”. Apparently this happens to everyone whose baby has a gym routine that goes wrong. 

The waiting room for kids is full of toys with a tv playing Disney classics in the background. Sofia who has now calmed down, slept, woken, had a bottle and was ready to play, eyeing the variety of toys strewn across the floor. This looks to be my worst OCD nightmare. Place a baby whose form of play is to suck things on a floor where other babies (any sick baby) can do the same with the toys! Luckily we avoid the Toy Story apocalypse by bringing our own toys. I fear playschool in the future and can see why each generation of parents suffer as a result through colds, coughs and general loss of proper holiday days. 

So in the end all good, Sofia gets a evening trip out and proved how good she is – I don’t think she cried once while out. We are not the worst parents ever as everyone does this. Hospital toys are to be avoided at all costs. Hospital car parks are expensive. Babies bounce, kind of.

 I am not sure if this happens again whether we’d take her back in the same situation, the key signs to watch out for are vomiting and baby being quiet or motionless after. Sofia is banned from gym practice on the sofa. Call this her first grounding (excuse the pun). 


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