Baby Led Food Weaning

So the time has come, at 5 months we are starting on solids, the internet is again awash with ideological views on when you can start solids. World Health Organisation suggests 4-6 months but focuses more on the 6th. Bastions of family and progressive working the Scandinavians suggested weaning on to solids at 6 months + led to a higher chance of a gluten intolerance. Like everything there is a strong suggestion of moderation and observing when your baby is ready. 

For us, Sofia has been obsessed with what we are eating for weeks. She is trying to steal our food or at least spread it across the table. She is trying to drink whatever I have when sat on my lap. All this has led us to test her with a variety of food. First this was just sucking on random bits of food such as toast or crisps, unhealthy I know but they are easy to keep hold of.

Now we are trying proper food, baby rice, bananas, potato and Carrot. It’s all to varying degrees of success. She is much more likely to throw the bowl on the floor rather than put the food in her mouth. 

She has actually been quite clever, she likes to try and use her spoon and also looks at how we eat and follows that. She struggles picking up the small carrots but then they were so slippery so did I! 

All this food has triggered a more frequent pooping. This has also led us to starting examining what does and doesn’t digest. The black bits of bananas being a great example. I will spare you the photo!  So in about a month we will be down to 3 bottles and 3 meals a day. 


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