There are days… 

As we cross over in to a New Year have we also crossed in to a different phase with Sofia, these last few days have actually been quite tough. We’ve been told we have a unicorn baby, the perfect baby who does everything perfectly including sleeping. This is rapidly changing. 

We have moved her in to her own room, this brings with it specific challenges but her sleeping pattern has also changed before then. She no longer is sleeping through the night, choosing to wake and be restless for much of the night from 2-4.  The only way to help this is to feed her overnight, something we haven’t done for months.  Even then there is no guarantee of sleep. 

There is much talk of the 4-6 month regression which comes with babies as they develop and move to more mature sleep patterns. It is impacting on both mine and Ems sleep. Both of us are tired and more grouchy and that’s before I go back to work.

During the day she is loud, Sofia this is, not Em. She screeches and is much more aware and frustrated in trying and failing in just about everything. That’s not to say she is not making steps forwards. She is much more mobile without yet crawling or turning freely. Everything is a effort but comes with much screeching. Tv is a new found friend for her as long as it is Elmo. It gives us a few minutes peace before the next screech.

 I think myself and Em are quite quiet people and we both find it tiring. At night it is tending to her, during the day it is the constant noise and need to keep her entertained. The few minutes of peace as she sleeps is enough to have a coffee or read a newspaper headline or write this post. It doesn’t allow for much more.

It also brings out the jealousy (probably the wrong word) for people doing other things, whether that be cycling round the London Velodrome or just able to fly off half way around the world without the need to worry about how to get Sofia there as well. We both love her to bits but at times you just need some rest. 

Family as always are a godsend, just to absorb some of the screeching (have I said she screeches?). Christmas and New Year has been a time of travelling round to all our parents. This has provided some of the rest bite and support. We haven’t had a day on our own for a while which I think is needed at the moment. 

 I think my New Years resolution is for a bit more peace and sleep, for both of us. 


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  1. I remember the screeching. It’s always at *that* frequency which drives you slight mad. I won’t lie although, it’s to prepare you for the unrelenting talking in about 12 months ish time. That does have varying tones at least but you basically become an unpaid servant. In the 45 mins between nursery and going up to bed I had continual “Da mummy, more snack peas”, “More tower”, “Milk. Miiiiilllllkkkkkk!” (I’m a wailing tone) and “dat mine!”. You learn to find it all funny!

    As for the sleep, as someone who had a pretty bad sleeper, it does pass. I know that’s not helpful to hear but one day she’ll settle again. Then it could go bad for a bit etc etc. You continue to adapt to it.

    But sending positive sleep thoughts your way because it is really awful when you are chronically sleep deprived!

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