Hours Off

There isn’t much time off being a dad. You might say work is that but you are not switched off and left to your own devices, in fact in many ways getting home and being with Sofia is a break from that and allows you to switch off with the most taxing decision being what […]

Baby Cinema

Another day and missing out.  I get alot of updates from Em during the day.  At the moment it is usually food spread over Sofia’s face as she learns to eat solids.  However the one thing i am looking forwards to when on my two months off is the variety of classes and also the […]

There are days… 

As we cross over in to a New Year have we also crossed in to a different phase with Sofia, these last few days have actually been quite tough. We’ve been told we have a unicorn baby, the perfect baby who does everything perfectly including sleeping. This is rapidly changing.  We have moved her in […]