2016, worst year on record?

It’s been a tough year with so many people dying especially those that have had a influence on your life. It’s also seen massive political changes through Trump, Brexit and to be honest the way in Syria, a country I visited under 10 years ago. Twitter is awash with statements of Fuck 2016 and 2016 go away but this year is also the year of the birth of my daughter. 

Bowie is probably the biggest death with meaning, one of my favourite artists ever and someone that lived life to the full. George Michael, Prince kind of passed me by as an all conquering love of indie turned me away from their music. It’s only now listening to it you appreciate it. Bowie is something else though and one of the few people that has changed his sound and remained current. There is pretty much nobody that has managed this successfully but he did it till his last album.

Ali is all conquering and someone who fought based on belief that he was right and that he was at least equal amongst all men. This was both socially and in sport where his desire to be the greatest took him there and beyond. There is very unlikely to be a sportsman in our time like him.  I was never a big boxing fan but the underdog is something that I’ve always found strength from, he is someone who embodies that but also took and turned it in to a winning formula.

Then there is Wogan, another end of the spectrum, someone I listened to with my mum in the car on radio 2, watched as the backdrop to Eurovision and Children in Need, he was always a constant with an amazingly calm voice and humour that was never in your face and was also self depricating. His kindness and warmth was known across the industry and is something again that is very rare. 

Then, not in the photo but who died yesterday is Carrie Fisher who fought for mental health and also was the backdrop to my tv screen and my life through love of Star Wars and everything that came with it. I must have watched her more than any other female star on tv and often until they pass you don’t realise the other side to them. She lived with bipolar but also again was as strong in real life as her screen character and as witty. 

If there is one thing I can ask in a modern age where everyone thinks they are a celebrity or famous for just being rich or in the news; is that Sofia grows up with just a touch of the spirit of a lot of the people who passed away this year. If she does then she will be amazing and 2016 will have been the best year. She will be amazing whatever as she is my daughter. In this world there is always Hope and that’s a powerful thing even more so now. 


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