First Christmas

This is likely the only year that she won’t really know or be in to Christmas. That hasn’t stopped her ripping at Christmas present paper and generally being over stimulated. She has also been spoilt rotten by the granparents a theme that I am sure will continue. It is also a reminder to open up the trust fund account before she ends up with mountains of toys.

This is also the first Christmas for a while where we’ve had to travel. We used to split and go to our respective homes but now there is a 400 mile relative visit starting with Em’s dad in Hitchin and then Rutland then Dorset. Quite a trek and also the third year in a row that I’ve managed to have to do this with a cold. 

So first off travel is much more of a holiday adventure. We’ve packed the car to in a inch of its life. We’ve been used to a small bag each and a get up and go mentality. Now it is more of a military operation to ensure we have the mountain of stuff needed to keep Sofia going, from Tommie Teepie to her bath seat. All now essentials.  At least the roads are quiet. 

Sofia is now increasingly aware, this Christmas week has seen her watch me drink coffee with an intense gaze. She is starting to sit up unaided and has started grabbing and ripping presents. A skill needed going forwards. Put her on the floor and she is desperate to move. 

She is building her strength and is on the cusp of being a danger to everyone around her. She tries this in the bath also where she has less resistance. It’s all a learning experience and something that is entertaining to watch. 

She also now screams when things don’t go her way and is also trying to chat. Her high pitched yelps becoming more refined. With all of this you get a sense of a personality emerging. We watched some videos of her a few months ago and what now seems like a vacant expresssion and a face not understanding her surroundings. 

You now can see what she likes (Elmo and food), when she wants something and generally there is a person there and possibly the best Christmas present you can have. Maybe it will bring the Christmas magic back. We are only half way through our road trip. Next up the cousins!  Present count too many.



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