Skills – Nearly 5 Months

I haven’t written much on skills since a impromptu roll made me think she was advanced in terms of skills for her age.  Since she has rarely rolled and in terms of development things seem to have slowed down.  I’ve been reading the Wonder Weeks which outlines what to expect at various ages from a baby’s development.  So where are we today?

Well she is nearly 5 months and has the ability to almost sit, she lacks strength to balance herself and during tummy time is trying desperately to move forwards but to date hasn’t unless grabbing on to something.  She can follow you around the room, has strength now in her neck to support her own sudden head movements.  She feels stronger and is starting to grab things.  She shrills vocally but doesn’t seem to understand any words yet. I must admit i am growing impatient.  Looking back she has developed so much since birth and looking for the next big leap.


So what have been the big developments? It’s hard to say and easy to forget or not notice as she grows.  I remember a few keys things.  The key one was starting to sit up which started early at month 2 but has developed massively since as she gains more control and strength in her neck.

Most recently at month 4 she now can grab her bottle and place it in her mouth and feed – as long as you make sure it is facing her mouth.  This was pretty amazing, it also reminds me of when she grabbed her dummy and put it in her mouth.  Only once but again was a wow moment.


The other great moment was when she started to watch TV, this was pretty early, maybe month 2-3 and this hasn’t slowed since with an addiction to Elmo and a growing like towards Elmo.  As a result of being more interactive she is now speaking more.  This means a shrill like cry and general warbling when left to her own devices in the morning, afternoon she always seems to be grumpy and more prone to crying.


Of course the best skill developed to date was the smile, everyone goes on about this but it is the best thing when she wakes or you get home, only for her to suddenly smile when she recognises you.  This probably happened month 1 or 2 but is the best thing.  The photo below is probably not the best but is a reflection on the fact i’d rather watch her smile than photo it.


You do worry though, there are things in the Wonder Weeks that makes you question whether she is 100% there.  I really want her to react to my voice and start to learn some words.  This in theory should happen from now.  So should her ability to string together actions and no longer look like the little drummer toy, banging away without any apparent motive other than this is all she can do.  Of course the most important skill i can’t wait for is speech and her to start moving around.  I have to wait for speech although baby signing beckons in Jan, hopefully movement should happen very soon!!!  Can’t wait.



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