First sickness, cold and cough

So it was going to happen at somepoint, Sofia has a cold and cough. It is times like this you thank god that she is as good as she is usually, I don’t think I’d have coped well with the constant crying, rejection of food and general grumpiness, all the time.  It is like a day with me when I am tired, you just need to put me to sleep.

Em is great as always and has managed a lot of the time while I have been at work and also much of the overnight, mostly dummy replacement. We’ve both had to manage the difficulty in trying to get her eat and to sleep. 

She has been very good through this all outside the feeding, she switches between smiles and coughing fits, followed by tears. She sounds like a warthog during the night. It takes me back to her early weeks just after birth.  It’s heartbreaking to see her cough without knowing why and to get upset as a result. Being the first time she might think this is the new normal. 
I guess this is a taster of what is to come, we have been lucky to date with everything but it is unlikely she will escape a cold. Apparently the average child has 8-9 colds a year and that is before everything else. 

 It is starting to ebb but this could also be the start of teething, another growth spurt so might just be the start of a more unstable baby.  Chickenpox is going to be our least favourite, Em has never had it so might be a time when I really have to step in. 


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