NCT Christmas

So NCT pals for Em has been a godsend and Hitchin is a hive of things to do from baby Pilates through to baby sensory. As everyone is local it tends to become a thing that everyone does together, followed by coffee and a chat. Often it is like coming home from school with baby feet cards and baubles. 

We met up for Christmas as a reunion of sorts. The blokes have tended to be less in touch. No separate groups or meet ups. This may become a problem when I am home alone come June and July. There was a brief mention of Christmas drinks with the blokes. 

For now it’s fine and the meet ups are still a good way of comparing baby development and just finding out about stuff you may be missing out on, like baby swimming, water babies which although a money making machine, costs £185 for sessions and that’s before the £245 underwater photo sessions. 
It’s also a great chance for a baby photo meetup, we did Halloween and now have Christmas photos.  So you can pick out Sofia dressed as a reindeer. These were all taken at Jordan’s Mills. We also learnt one of the guys in the group was also in Ems class at university in Manchester!! Small world. 


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