Christmas dress up

When you have a baby the first thing you think about is embarrassing dress up. I’ve watched friends dress their kids as Star Wars characters and in a variety of Disney themed outfits. It’s now Christmas and what better way to pass the time than dressing Sofia up as a reindeer.  However those perfect Instagram moments are not quite what you end up with when trying yourself. 

What we ended up with was trying to tidy away non-Christmas stuff to make it look like a winter snow scene and then try and prop Sofia up in a little cart while she watched Elmo sing on tv.  However interrupting Elmo often results in this 

But slowly as she chills out we started to get some better shots.

I don’t really think we got the money shot this time round as she was either with dummy, a random hand propping her up or just eating the Christmas panda.  It all just seems slightly surreal but at least it passes the time.  Best shots are probably below.

It then resorted to type with Sofia in need of sleep and feeding. So there finishes our first attempt at Christmas Dress up. Probably at least 5 more years of this.


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