The world of our daughter

The single biggest thing that worries me about bringing up Sofia is the future. We are hurtling towards some of the biggest crisis known to this planets history. Yet we still prefer to spend £50k a second during a Black Friday bargain binge. When having a child this was a massive piece of thinking in my head that was often put down as an excuse or reluctance to be a father. So what are the worries?

1. Climate Change. Even with the Paris agreement signed, it committed us to planet warming of at least 1.5 degrees. Even now that target is a stretch and countries are back tracking on it, especially post Brexit and Trump. With polar ice caps melting rapidly from the base up it isn’t hard to see there is a massive challenge now to save the planet as it is now.

2. Rampant March of capitalism. The world economy is fixed and traded by a global elite. I work for one of the few employee run companies in the western world and that struggles to compete with the might of Amazon whose leaders hide behind a creative global caring set of initiatives while the corporate element suffocates the world power in to a hands of a few. You often only need a episode of Made in Chelsea to happen to see the outcome. 

3. Plain affordability. We are lucky to have a house with mortgage mostly paid. I resist moving because we are encouraged to move and use debt and supposed housing growth as a way of continuing up the ladder. Instead this traps you in work and the need for more money and stuff. If you can stay on your ladder until you have the money. I want to be able to have as much cash as possible available to limit how much I need to work and also to support Sofia through the things I never had to due to like minded parents and the costs of things not requiring the debt that then forces you in to the system.  E.g. University fees.

4. Biodiversity. This is the last generation for the White Rhino and countless other species. I have long loved Pandas as animals who represent the face of the World Wildlife Fund but also how quickly our planet is changing. The level of Biodiversity shows health in our world which is slowly being eroded. As it erodes the analogy is the human body as a cancer spreads or altezimers invades the brain it starts to stop working. That has to be the fear now.

5. Automation. I love technology. It can help in life but it will also make things much more difficult in a world where the majority of people rely on cheap labour to build stuff that robots soon will. It might ultimately mean industrialisation of the west once more but will spell doom for third worlds who can’t support this. It also means the best job is one who manages or programmes that technology. Sofia will have to take this life or reject the very fabric of capitalism. There are very few jobs that will be non-replaceable.

Is that enough? The problem is you can go on. The UN predicts 60 more global harvests due to soil quality erosion; the rise of the far right once more; obesity… even on a local town level the list goes on. 

The world moves on a pace and clean technology is becoming a reality but that faces in to massive population increases which cannot be sustained in a capitalist society. 

I console myself in my great hope I can grow Sofia up to be a force for good, a little person who can be the voice to save the world as we know it. She is lucky to grow up where she does in the UK today. 

She isn’t in a war zone like Syria or on the lowest rung of a hierarchical society where you have no opportunity, China, India to name a few. She isn’t dealing with poverty like a lot of Africa. She has a chance to be an amazing influence as a global voice against everything I have said. A agile, devops movement on a global scale.

Go Sofia… no pressure.  She also doesn’t know this snorting while asleep next to me.


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