Evenings Back

I wonder if we have a level of our evenings back?  She is now sleeping through from 8 till early morning. The baby monitor is on and it’s like we have a life. I kinda want to go to bed though! 

Me and Em keep showing photos of before Sofia, it seems so long ago but isn’t. Pictures of us either travelling, just out for the night or just going out. 

 We have a Friends What’s app group and the latest photo was a drunken night out by a father to be.  I can’t remember my last drunken night out.  It’s gong to be interesting over the next few years to see how the group comes together as we they join the parenting trap. For now I don’t think my free evenings will ever end up in the photo below. 

At the moment we just sit here and talk about pelvic floor pants or just sit here wondering what to do while we wait for the Latest episode of Walking Dead to become available on catchup.  

We watch for Sofia on the monitor, waiting for her to stir after spitting out her dummy. I’m still not sure that the dummy is a good idea but at the moment it keeps her settled. She started on the dummy soon after birth and seems to be a staple.  Our friends child who is 2 had a dummy when we visited at the weekend. 

One thing doesn’t change though, gone past 9.30 and I am on my own. So need to work out if wait for Walking Dead, fire up the PlayStation, finish this blog post or learn some new skills. At the moment it is just nice to chill. 


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