Do Babies Dream Of Baby Sheep? 

We are slowly getting Sofia in to a routine over night with bath time around 7.30-8, then bottle, then sleep. She is very good as long as she has her dummy in as she nods off; yes we have failed another of the parenting advisory’s. 

I am always intrigued about what she dreams of having only a few months of existence, she won’t be dreaming about a bad day of work or a scary movie. She tends to be fairly quiet while sleeping but occasionally lets out a pitched scream or her top lip quivers, sometimes she smiles. 

We have a Motorola camera and video screen that we use to monitor her. Is a brilliant device and works in the dark and captures pretty much any noise.  She sleep often with arms raised above her. Sometimes grabbing her shrinking cot (it is now pretty much too small for her and we have a new cot bed on order).  It’s amazing how much stuff you get through in 3 months! 

Much of her dreaming must be a weird mix of the sky as she rides along in her pram, the day’s events of a car ride or trip out, the television – she is addicted to this and especially cartoons, today was Yogi Bear, or just the days wandering of the house. 

As I rock her to sleep I can’t help wonder what she is thinking, her eyes flicker, she sucks her dummy quickly then slowly then her hand sometimes tries to remove it. No idea why. Her breathing slows almost like she is slowly counting to sleep. 

I’ve done this along with Em for the last 3 months. We started with tv on, her final feed made her so full and sleepy, like a Christmas dinner meal every night. This worked for a while, then we’ve had to turn off the tv as she started to get distracted and watched whatever was on, this wasn’t great as it was either Made in Chelsea or Walking Dead, not exactly the stuff dreams are made of.  No tv and a darkened room wasn’t fun. 
However the last two nights have changed the game. 3 months in and we have the Motorola camera on and are sat downstairs watching tv while she slowly goes to sleep. It’s almost like we have a life back. Even if it is 1hr a night, it is a hour that me and Em can spend together. 

In all of our sleeps she lasts through till 5am. Another bottle and then sleeps onwards to 8-9am! She does cause trouble during the night, if she loses the dummy then she does stir but only for a moment. Otherwise she has been ace. 

Wonder if this will last?! 


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