Baby Bath Time

I’ve been working for twelve years and have watched as many a male has disappeared to the baby bath time. Despite late running projects they’d run out of the door desperate not to miss bath time. I always thought this was crazy, now I’m thinking they were totally right. 

There isn’t much that is the male preserve but bath time quickly has become that. I haven’t need to rush home yet as it starts late still. Getting home we eat dinner and then it’s time. Bath time! 

It gives Em some time back, not much but allows me some time with Sofia and so far she loves the bath and it is part of the nightly routine. Sometimes I get in with her other times from the side. She likes to kick around when in the bath and so you have to watch out for your man bits! 

We have a little chair she sits in but also have taken to letting her lie in the bath. It’s never deep enough for her to sink and holding her head you can glide her across the bath. She is getting more and more used to the bath and as you strip her down she seems like she is anticipating it.  We even have a little fist pump to signal the event. 

Once in it takes a bit to adjust to the water temperature (we have a electronic sensor and keep the water around 37 degree centigrade).  She stays in for about  5-10 minutes.

 It was a month or so before she started having baths and now has them every night. This is all preamble for taking her to the local swimming pool and some baby swimming classes. Really fancy having her shooting her own Nirvana photo cover. Last set of jabs and then we are there. 
I can say though I love bath time and am sorry for thinking all those other fathers were nuts for going nuts about bath time! 


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