Taking all the bed

There are many things I love about Sofia and my favourite changes daily but her having her morning feed and then going back to sleep in bed reminds me of one of my favourite childhood songs… “and the little one said roll over roll over, so we all rolled over and one fell out”…. this carries on till there is one in the bed. This what seems to happen every weekend leaving a little one owning our bed.

I must admit that I think we are reasonably blessed with a sleeping baby. She has quickly adopted a routine of going to bed about 9pm with a final bottle, as long as winded then she will sleep through to 5.30am. Then another bottle and asleep till 8.30am. Compared to some of the stories you hear we are lucky and I keep touching every piece of wood. It can all change we get told. 

I do like watching her sleep though, you are never quite sure what she is dreaming of, she hasn’t got the years of life that leads to the weirdness of mine or Ems dreams but you do wonder when she flashes a sleepy smile what she is thinking. There are times when she cries out asleep, it’s almost funny watching but infinitely sad as well, you wonder what in her short life has caused her that pain. 

I started this post as Sofia hogs the bed but now is turning in to everything I love about her sleeping. She can sound like a little hog, snorting away in her sleep. How her top lips quivers every so often. How she spits out her dummy every 5 minutes, actually not that one. How her arms bang against to cot as she tries spread out, it shows how much she has grown in the last few months that this might be her last few nights in this cot. Very much like our sleepyhead it is so short lived, these memories are important. 


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