Video Memories

I have stupid numbers of photos, I’ve probably been taking a photo of day of Sofia in various different forms.  However a month or so ago we realised we didnt have many videos of her developing.  Watching Inside Out last night and the fading memories, it made me sad that we might only be left with photos and the memories of things happening might slowly fade.  In part it is why I am writing this blog but in an increasingly digital age will we find that photos are no longer relevant or surpassed by video.


Now i hate holiday videos, I’ve seen a few and avoided many.  There is nothing more boring than 2 hours of someone filming clips of their holiday, especially when they spend most of it on the beach or in a tour party.  However I am lucky to have some old cine film footage of my parents as they grow up, holidays, family events, etc…  They date back to the 60’s and they are hypnotically interesting and feel real, possibly more so than old physical photos.  Plus they appeal to me today in this modern digital age.  I have transferred them to my computer to keep (they were on VHS, remember that format?).

So this has focused me on taking more video moments of Sofia, hopefully they will be Twitter like bite sized chunks which will show how she has developed over the months and years.  I didn’t film the birth (as bad as the holiday films) but left alone with Sofia while Em was in surgery I took my first video of Sofia.  Looking back now I am slowly forgetting this moment, visually at least.  I am hoping that the videos keep these memories fresh in my mind and they don’t disappear like in Inside Out.


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