Left Alone For The First Time

Help, I am left holding the baby!  Em has gone off for a well earned Spa day and I am left for the first time with Sofia.  I’ve been left a few hours here and there and taken her out for a walk but this is the first full time home alone.  I’ve been left a timetable.  I am poor at following instruction but making sure this one is followed.

‘For tomorrow, I know you already know it but just in case 👶😍

  • Wake time: 5- 6am Bottle 6oz
  • Back to sleep (if wakes later will stay awake) for an hour or two
  • 7-9am sleep (she has been struggling with sleeping as long this week)
  • 9-10am Bottle (maybe 6oz if she has been awake for a while)
  • 10-1/2pm Play, Nap, play, Nap. Tends to have longest sleep here but because she is out in pram!
  • 1-2pm Bottle (6oz)
  • 2-4/5pm Play, Nap, generally loves a bit of telly too!
  • 4.30-5pm (try and make this one about 5 if possible, as she has to wait until after bath til last one!) Bottle (5oz or 6oz depending on how active, amount of pooping!)
  • 5-8 Nap, Play, nap!!
  • 8pm Bath
  • 8.30-9.30 Bottle (6oz)
  • SLEEP!!!!”

She leaves with the words, “don’t worry it is far easier than work”.  This is setting a challenge down, she isn’t saying I will find it easy, she is saying that she finds it easy.  Challenge accepted.

So the morning is easy, feed her and she goes back to sleep allowing the prep for the morning trip to town.  Microwave the the bottles in a steriliser bag, boil a kettle ready for the Hot water flask, pack the pram ready to go, Em has already set out much of the stuff.  Change her, put her in the pram, all good.  Flask leaks everywhere!  Balls, I’d forgotten to press the magic leak stopper button.  Clean up leave the house.


Half way to town suddenly think, where is the bottle for feeding!  I can’t see it in the pram, I’ve forgotten it, I have failed, not telling Em this failure, I have a 3 hour countdown now to get home and feed her.  At the moment she is fine sleeping soundly in the pram.  Meet Steve my friend for breakfast at Weatherspoons (not the plan), then coffee at the new music-coffee shop fusion, buy some coffee beans at the market, then head home.  She stays asleep pretty much the whole time.  I even get time for some Instagram photo opportunities on route home, catching the last of the Autumn reds.  All in all, a very middle class lazy morning.


She wakes as soon as she is home, make her a bottle and then the familiar face of poo!  Bit of a grin, few grunts.  However this is a biggie as turns her top a nice shade of light brown!  Changed.  I actually like nappy changing, more than she does.  She pretty much needs a new outfit.  However this is done I am awesome.  I also now find she loves Disney and pixar already, she stays glued to Inside out for pretty much the whole time.  I think we have already started a bad habit and she is only 3 months old!


The day draws to a close, it has been uneventful but chilled.  It actually takes alot to keep her occupied throughout, I have started to see what i have let myself in for with 2 months of shared parental leave to come.  Highlight of the day though, i get her to put her own dummy in mouth.  I have to hand her the dummy but she can almost get it in her mouth!  This deserves a wine!  Where is Em?  I even have dinner ready to heat up.  I still haven’t found the bottles.


Footnote, bottles were in the pram!  Em returned home and turns out that she wasn’t challenging me and thinks my job is probably more difficult.  Not so sure at times.  At least I can leave them at the end of the day and want to.  This one i can’t but don’t really want to either.



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