It’s all about the tech

SO we are 3 months in and there are definitely some learns from the whole experience, we are NOT doing a number 2 so here are my key technology buys for anyone.

Tommee Tippee – Baby Milk (Tea) Maker, £70

Possibly the biggest single greatest invention ever, a baby tea/coffee machine.  When you are waking up for a 3am feed, you’ve not slept and the world feels against you the saving grace is this.  Press the big red button once, add formula, press the big red button again.  Baby formula is now at perfect consistency and temperature.

Tommee Tippee

Phillips Advent Steamer £40

Not just for their own bottles but the best method of sterilising bottles, dummies etc…  This works in tandem with having to feed your baby every few hours.  This does get a bit annoying and you can have a partner that then goes steriliser crazy.

Philips advent sterliser

Digital Temperature Reader £20-40

This is actually quite cool and can also measure the surface temp and so we use it for taking the bath temperature also but this allows you to easily take the temperature of the baby and can be used for random measuring of anything.  Point and click.

Baby temp reader

Motorola Video Link £100

This is only just coming it to it’s own but is becoming more and more important and you will soon realise the message “Motion detected in the nursery” is as common as “Unexpected Item Detected In the bagging Area”.  Video once you have updated the firmware really works and you can link it in to your mobile phone via the app so can leave the baby safely at home while you go out and party.  I am kidding here!  I do get to see what Emma is up to while left at home.

Baby camera



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